Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Review: H&M Cosmetics

I took a visit to my local H&M in Chelmsford for a little browse with no intention of leaving the store with anything. However, this particular H&M has the full collection of their cosmetics line, and I thought it my duty as a blogger to pick some bits out to review for my lovely readers - research purposes and all that. I will say when I got to the checkout and the woman said, 'That's £20 something please', I started to think 'Do I really want these?', 'Would I rather go and spend £20 in Boots?'. However, I am so happy I purchased them! Really £20 for 7 items is pretty good, plus I was pleasantly surprised with every single item.

H&M Lip Tint - £2.99
This is honestly one of the best quality lip products that I have ever used, and is now one of my favourite reds. This is superduper pigmented, and a little goes a long way. At £2.99, this is an absolute steal!

H&M Lip Pen - £2.99
Now I know I recently wrote a blog post about the Revlon Matte Balm crayon, saying that stores need to think of something new. But number 1, I bought this before, and 2 it's for research purposes (is it really though ruby?). The H&M Lip Pens are definitely more of a sheer colour to others that I have tried, but this colour is right up my street and has taken pride of place in my makeup bag for every day use. It's a beautiful peachy coral, and I can see myself wearing this a lot.

H&M Lip Pen - Pink - £2.99
This is the only product that I am not 100% about due to the colour. I don't think the colour of the packaging which is a warm rosy pink, really translates to the colour of the product which is a cool toned barbie pink. These colours really do not suit me and tend to make me look ill. Despite this, the actual product is a lovely consistency and glides on so smoothly. This colour is also a bit more opaque than the previous, so anyone into these colours definitely should try this out.

H&M Eye Pen - Brown - £2.99
I recently bought the Collection eye crayon in a similar colour and thought it was horrendous. It didn't blend well and looked streaky on my eyelid. However, this glides on so smoothly, is very pigmented and is in a beautiful metallic brown colour. Plus it's half the price!

H&M Smoky Eye Shadow Palette - Brown - £3.99
Picking up one of these palettes was a no brainer. £3.99 for 5 eye shadows is pretty good I'd say. I love that they have included a matte brown and a golden brown colour. The shadows were all pretty pigmented, the swatches above were of 2 swipes of each shade. I would really recommend these little palettes and cannot wait  to add a few more to my collection. 

H&M Tweezers - 99p
I own a pair of Tweezerman which cost around £14.99 and I am terrified of losing them. I actually bought myself 2 pairs of these tweezers from H&M for a mere 99p, that I can stick in my handbag or use as a back up if I lose my Tweezerman. They aren't as sharp as the others, but they still do the job; and who can complain for 99p?!

H&M Brow Kit - £3.99
This has probably overtaken my HD Brows Kit in Foxy as my new favourite brow powders. I find with HD Brows that it is so pigmented that I end up looking like I have slugs for eyebrows. This however is just right for me, and I can build up the colour and still have defined natural looking brows. As you can see I have been using the middle shade for my eyebrows, but the other two colours are perfect for using as matte eyeshadows.

I am honestly excited to my next visit to the Chelmsford H&M to pick out some more beauty products. Not only have they all exceeded my expectations, the most I spent on an item was £3.99. I would definitely recommend checking out the H&M cosmetics in store or online...


  1. Ooooo the brow kit looks really good, I loved some of the palettes they had in there so I might do a little shop there!

    1. You should do! I am definitely going back for more :)

  2. This is such an interesting post, I never thought these cosmetics would be very good but I might try them now :) Also I really like your blog, if you would like to follow each other just follow me and let me know on my blog, I would love some new blogger friends! :) xx

  3. The lip tint is amazing, looks like it'd be way more expensive! - I haven't seen any makeup bits in my local H&M which is a shame Xx

  4. Ooh all of this looks lovely! Definitely want to try the brow palette. I never even thought about H&M for cosmetics before but I'll have to have a look next time I'm shopping! :)

    Nicola xx

  5. Wow! I'm definitely gonna look out for the Brow Kit. Such a great price!
    Rachel @ rachelsaysfabulous xxx

  6. I'm so going to look at the beauty products next time I'm in there! xx

  7. The pink lip pen looks really decent, I'm going to have to try this out. Great post

    Stella | Electrik Flowers

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  10. Hi! Has anyone checked the H&M foundations? Would like to know what you think!

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