Saturday, 25 January 2014

Haulin' #11: Feeling Grey

Wintery Haul

I am fully embracing Winter at the moment, and have no desire to hurry on the Spring pastels. I have this issue where a lot of my clothes require quite a lot of effort, so I wanted some bits that I could just throw on while I'm half asleep at 6:30am and still look relatively fashionable for university. I am also obsessed, I mean literally obsessed with my American Apparel Riding Pants - I probably wear them 5 times a week at the moment. So I wanted some casj-cropped-winter-appropriate tops to wear with them.

New Look Grey Cropped Jumper - Size 6 - £14.99
I pondered over this jumper on a few visits to Newlook, and when I finally bit the bullet, they had 20% off student discount - happy days.

New Look Grey Slouchy Top - Size 6 - £7.99
I bought this in the dark grey, navy and the red because I loved it so much. The navy with my AA riding pants, tartan scarf and a black fur gilet looks amazing with 0 effort required! Definitely going to feature them in some casj oufit of the days.

Topshop Petite Stripe Top - Size 4 - £20
Sammi from Beauty Crush was wearing this top in a recent video and I needed it after that. If you are thinking of getting this, get it 2 sizes smaller than you are, it's very very over sized.

Topshop Faux Leather Jacket - Size 10 - £45
I have this exact same jacket in a size 14 with a different fur collar that I bought in 2012. I bought it in a bigger size so I could wear jumpers under it at the time. However back then I was a lot bigger at over 10 stone, and now I am 8 stone something, so it swamps me. I got this in the sale for £45 which isn't bad, and I am going to stick the other one on eBay.

Topshop Quilted Chain Bag - £32
Sounds odd, but I tend to buy a bag twice a year at the same time each year, always from Topshop. One day I will own a Chanel 2.55, but for now, this £32 alternative will do. Unfortunately I am going to break the tradition and buy another, because this bag is just too small and annoying for everyday use. I don't carry much in my bag, but I had barely any room for even an extra bottle of water to fit in. When you do have something slightly heavy in it, the chain is extremely uncomfortable on my shoulder. As well as that, The clasp is really fiddly and I found myself shouting 'for f**k sake' at it while trying and failing to close it at the till in shops.

Missguided Nagsia Skirt - Size 10 - £17.99
I didn't actually pay £17.99 for this as it was out of stock on the Missguided website, so I decided to trawl through eBay to see if someone may be selling one. I found a seller that was selling several different colours  in it, for £3.99! The catch was that it had some sort of defect, either pen marks, loose stitching or a broken zip. When mine arrived it had a broken zip, which I was slightly bummed about because almost always you have to get a concealed zip replaced. However, I refused to be defeated, and despite every website about fixing invisible zips saying it was a lost cause, I bloody well fixed it!

H&M Rose Gold Rings - Size S/M - £1.99
H&M Card Holder - £1.99
H&M Key Ring - £1.99
I placed an order on H&M because they were having free delivery, and I am a sucker for free delivery. It's quite easy to get carried away in the accessories section of H&M because it's all so nice and so cheap.

Missguided Daisy Dress - Size 8 - £24.99
There aren't really any prints or patterns that I am automatically attracted to accept from daisy prints. Anything black, with white and yellow daisies on I am all over. I saw this on another bloggers wishlist and had to get it.

What fashion items have you hauled recently?


  1. Oooooh lovely buys! I especially like the daisy dress :) x

  2. I love the Topshop jacket and the Missguided dress a lot :) xx

  3. Hey hun, I've nominated you for a Liebster award! Check out my blog post for more info! xx

  4. Hey I absolutely love your blog! It's so well presented a gorgeous design :). May have just purchased that daisy dress thanks to you ;). Super cute, I love printed dresses!

    Rachel xo