Sunday, 15 December 2013

Dupe Day: Kenzo Tiger Jumper

Kenzo Tiger Sweater - £170
eBay Tiger Sweater - £17.99

I think that copies and dupes can be a bit of a controversial subject. I don't believe some dupes should be invested in, like the horrendous fake Louis Vuitton bags found down at Dagenham market. But this Kenzo Tiger Sweater was one thing I had my eye on for a while, but could never justify the £170 price tag seen as I'd have to work 3 8 hour days at work to buy it. After scouring the internet, I found the perfect dupe on eBay - £17.99, sent from Hong Kong and if it was crap it wouldn't be the end of the world. 
I saw the real deal at Dover Street Market (no it's not an actual market, it's a crazy expensive shop off Piccadilly Circus) and there are minimal differences between the Kenzo sweater and the eBay dupe. The dupe I found only comes in one size fits all, which would fit a UK8-10 which luckily fits me like a glove. There may be others available, but here is the one I purchased:

Love Ruby.


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  2. Loved your blog!!!=)

  3. Ok well I'm totally obsessed with that glittery skirt. I have no idea when/where I could wear something like that but it's gorgeous!

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