Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Haulin' #8: Chanel, Guerlain & MAC

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer 03 & Kabuki Brush - £17 (Normally £33.50)
Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel - £30.10
MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo - £15

This was a very naughty purchase. But as you may have seen in my Christmas Wishlist and my January Wishlist, I have been coveting the Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer in 03. I was browsing the House of Fraser website and had already added the Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel and MAC's Ruby Woo to my bag - may I add not necessarily intending to purchase them both - and what came up in the 'Other customers viewed' was what I'd call a miracle or fate. It was the Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer in 03 WITH the Kabuki brush in the sale for £17 - yes people, I said £17 - and there was only 1 left in stock! What ensued after that I can only describe as a mad frenzy of me trying to add it to my bag and checkout before someone else in the world bought it before me. Luckily, I made it out the other side alive, along with a 10% student discount which made the purchase even more worth while. The irony is, the night before I was seconds away from purchasing the bronzer from Beautybay.com for £30.50, but I fell asleep before I got the chance. 
I am forgetting the two other items I had bought, which is exactly what I had done at the time. In hindsight, I really did not need the Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer in 03 as well as the Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel, but I was in the moment and it just happened - plus I got free delivery for spending over £50. 

I am so excited that I have my first ever Chanel beauty product! Isn't it beautiful? With my student discount the Chanel Soleil Tan Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base was £27.90. It is 30g which is a huge amount of product considering similar priced bronzers such as Nars, Guerlain and Laura Mercier are between 8-10g. I don't own anything like this, so I definitely don't regret buying it. 

I am so annoyed about this next one. I thought I had ordered MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick, however I now realise that with the House of Fraser website they have a list of the lipstick names and then colour swatches that you can click on. Rather than click on all of the different red swatches to find Ruby Woo, I just found it in the list of Lipstick names and added it to the bag. To cut a long story short, on the H of F website you have to click on the colour swatch you want to add it to the bag. Therefore, even though I thought I had added Ruby Woo, the colour 'O' was the colour swatch selected which I ended up getting sent. Now there are a lot of MAC lipstick colours that I could have ended up getting and potentially loved, but please google 'MAC O' and you will see that it is by far the most HORRENDOUS lipstick MAC do. Not only is it a Frost finish (vile), it is brown (horrific). I need to go into university this week so I'm going to pop into Bluewater on the way home to exchange it. I'm definitely going to send House of Fraser a few stern words about my inconvenience. 


  1. Lovely Guerlain bronzer! Has it got a shimmer to it? I've owned a different one before and (stupidly) took it on a rather messy night out and needless to say it wasn't in my bag the next morning. Believe me, there were tears!
    Also, I am dying to get my hands on Soleil Tan de Chanel, I don't know why I don't already own it! I'd love to see a review of it though, so if you're needing any ideas..
    Rachel, xo

    1. Thank you! Yes has a slight gold shimmer, but I think it's quite similar to Nars Laguna where the shimmer doesn't transfer to your face too much. I would also cry if that happened to me!
      The Chanel bronzer is well worth it, it's a lot more subtle than it looks in the pot. I'll definitely be doing a review once I've given it a few trys.
      Thanks for following me by the way!

  2. Lovely post! This Terracotta Bronzer is in my "next-thing-to-buy" list.
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! :) The details are on my blog: http://littleandflushed.blogspot.sg/2014/01/liebster-award.html


    1. Aw thank you so much!
      I'll have to check your blog out xx