Sunday, 8 September 2013

Top 10 Trainers: Nike Air Max

This time last year, I wouldn't have been seen dead in a pair of trainers. But recently they have been my shoe of choice, so I thought I'd do a blog series of my Top 10 Trainers. Nike Air Max in particular are some of my favourites if not my favourite. I have 2 pairs so far, the ones in the picture above (Air Max 1 Anthracite Black Club Pink), and the Air Max 1 White Grey Snow Leopard - I would have more if they weren't so god damn expensive. Not only are they extremely comfortable, and fit like a glove, they just add that extra cool to any outfit. As long as you keep them in pristine condition, I also think that they a smarter type of trainer; paired with the right outfit they would look amazing on a night out. I am slightly OCD over mine; I won't wear them when it's raining outside and keep them in their boxes. I think if you are pondering over whether to buy a pair, sticking to either black, white or grey for a first pair is a good idea. They'll be timeless and can be paired with almost any outfit. I bought mine from, and if you're a student you'll get an extra 10% off.As soon as my student loan comes through, I will be buying another pair. Or two.

Love Ruby.


  1. found you on instagram. LOVE your blog. great imagery too


    1. Thank you so much.. Just followed you, love your style! x x

  2. I am so pleased to read this post about your top 10 trainers. Truly the Nike air Max shoes are epic. I am also a workout freak and Nike gear is my favourite among all brands. The nike tank tops, shoes and leggings everything is perfectly suitable for my intense workouts.