Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Happy 80th Birthday Karl Lagerfeld - I think.

'I'm very much down to Earth, just not on this Earth'

According to the top search engines, Karl Lagerfeld is 80 years old today, being born on the 10th of September 1933. However, it is actually a mystery when the fashion icon was born. It was his mother who created this confusion, plus the fact that interviews with Karl himself, and another with his spokeswoman, added the speculation that he could have been born in either 1935 or 1938. Karl explained: "My mother changed the date. It was easier to write a 3 or an 8," Whatever his age, the creative director genius at Chanel is clearly not fazed by the aging process saying "Everyone knows that I'm 100 years old… So it doesn't matter how old I am!" 

Here's a few strange facts about Karl Lagerfeld:

1. He used to be a bodybuilder in his youth.
2. He owns around 300 iPods, and has a nanny to monitor his playlists.
3. Karl changed his surname from Lagerfeldt to Lagerfeld.
4. He would like to marry his cat Choupette.
5. His own line of scented candles will be launched this coming October.

Love Ruby. 

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