Friday, 7 November 2014

Outfit // Knee High Hopes

H&M Gingham Swing Dress - £12.99
Topshop Biker Jacket - £58
Topshop Knee High Socks - £4
Zara TRF Boots - £29.99
H&M Elephant Necklace - £3.99
Seventeen Colour Carnival Nail Polish in Red - £1.99

It's officially winter. Freezing outside and it's pitch black by 5pm - I'm yearning for Summer to return! I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago for the Horns premiere in Leicester Square but with tight's instead. These Zara boots have been the buy of the season for me; they are amazing quality and I love the cut outs and cleated sole detail. I was determined to get a photo with my puppy Riley and I literally had to chase him round the garden to catch him - he wasn't too happy about it!


  1. Love the dress, such a good price too.

    Claudia xxx

  2. Love that dress! The whole outfit is lovely :) xx

  3. I love the leather jacket I've been looking to get one myself


  4. Love this! I have an obsession with knee high socks :)

  5. I love that outfit! Just popping to the shops...

    Along Came Kelly x

  6. Ooh, love this outfit and the knee high socks look so cosy! That 17 nail polish is a gorgeous shade of red :)

    Miss Beauty Saver / Instagram