Monday, 10 November 2014

Beauty // Colour Carnival Nail Polish by SEVENTEEN

Seventeen Colour Carnival in Nude: £1.99
Seventeen Colour Carnival in Coffee Nude: £1.99
Seventeen Colour Carnival in Rose Pink: £1.99
Seventeen Colour Carnival in Red: £1.99

I used to be a nail polish fiend, but gave up buying them when every single one seemed to chip on me within a matter of hours. I've bought Essie, even forked out £11 for a single OPI polish and hands down these new £1.99 beauts from Seventeen are the best I have ever used. I initially picked up 'nude' as it was cheap as chips and I barely own any Autumn/Winter appropriate shades. But when I used it for the first time I realised how truly amazing it was.

COLOUR CARNIVAL is just that! A carnival of amazing nail colours in gloss, matte, satin, shimmer & glitter shades!

It passed the first test of applying opaquely in two coats and then passed the second test of it not chipping within an hour of applying. Another way I know a nail polish is really amazing is if it lasts through a night out [ridiculous I know]. God knows how, but after a night out I usually end up with mostly chipped nail polish if not the whole lot completely gone and low and behold it was still on my nails.

Me and my friends went to the student night at Lakeside shopping centre and they had 10% discount in boots, so I bought Coffee Nude, Rose Pink and Red. And some how the 3 polishes came to £4.30 which in my books is an amazing deal.

I'm concerned that they are so cheap as an introductory price, so I may have to go and stock up on some more colours. [Since writing this post a few weeks ago, I have in fact bought 3 more!]

Have you tried any of the Seventeeen Colour Carnival nail polishes? 


  1. I love those colours, such a great price too.

    Claudia xxx

    1. They are definitely worth a try!
      Thanks for reading xo

  2. I've gone to buy this brand so many times but have been put off by the price, how can something so cheap not chip? But your post has made me brave enough to go out and treat myself to a few! Lovely review, Georgina x

    1. They really are amazing! They colour Nude was on my nails for over a week..
      Thanks for reading!

  3. I just reviewed these too! They're fab aren't they? And such good value!
    Great post :) xx