Sunday, 17 November 2013

Dupe Day: The Zara Skort

Zara Skort - £25.99
eBay Skort - £3.88 

The last time I wore a skort was about 10 years ago for Brownies. But Zara brought the shorts-skirt combo back to our wardrobes in a much more sleek and stylish way. £25.99 is by no means expensive, but for the amount of wear that I would get out of a skort and with no certainty that it would stay in fashion, I wasn't willing to pay that amount. On a whim I typed in 'Skort' into eBay and literally 1000's of options appeared. You can pretty much guarantee that they will all be produced in the same place, so one costing £15 will be no better quality than one costing under £4. After scouring through the site I found the cheapest 'Buy it Now' option for £3.88 - yes I did just say £3.88. So I bought it in 3 colours ha! You will have to wait a few weeks for delivery but it'll be well worth it!
Stay tuned for some more 'Dupe Day' posts, I'll me spending my own well earned cash on dupes of the most popular fashion and beauty items of the moment for you guys to check out.

Love Ruby.

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