Wednesday, 25 June 2014

DIY // Collage Room Decoration

Hi lovelies! I am finally back for good. Uni is over and I now have a whole lotta free time to deal with. My bedroom walls were looking a bit bare, and I wanted a cheap way to add some decoration to them (plus I'm a magazine hoarder and it was a good way of putting them to use). I thought I'd share how I did this because I loved the outcome and it cost me no more than £4!

All you'll need is:
  1. A photo frame
  2. Magazines
  3. A glue stick
  4. Scissors 

Step 1:
Get out your old magazines and cut out interesting and eye catching pictures. Also cut out any cool quotes you might find.

Step 2:
Pick out the larger cut-outs for the background. 

Step 3:
I just used the backing of the photo frame to stick the cut-outs to, but you can use a piece of card or paper that fits the frame if you'd like. Make a rough guide of where you'd like each piece to go. 

Step 4:
Start gluing! You don't need to be too thorough, the glass/plastic of the frame is going to keep it all in there. 

Step 5:
Use smaller cut-outs to fill in the gaps. 

Step 6:
Make sure every inch is covered and your'e almost there...

Step 7:
Stick it in the frame (I bought mine from Ikea, but I'm sure your parents won't mind if you steal one off the lounge wall) and you're done!

Comment below if you'd like to see some more DIYs, I loved doing this!

Lotsa Love.


  1. Your collage looks so good! I've always wanted to try this!


  2. This is a great idea and looks really good!
    I like to keep pictures from magazines so maybe I should give this a go.

    Kat x