Thursday, 6 March 2014

New Discoveries: Sienna X Dark Tan

Sienna X Dark Tan Q10 Mousse - £15.50 – Ultimate Hair & Beauty
Sienna X Glowing Dark Tan Lotion - £14.43 – Ultimate Hair & Beauty

A week or so ago I was on the way back from a hospital appointment and I thought I would pop into Ultimate Hair & Beauty – a beauty supply store at wholesale prices but no need for a membership like Sally’s. This place is like heaven for me, as soon as I get my next student loan instalment I will be going crazy in there. They stock every OPI nail polish you can get for £6.00 each which is a total bargain. I refrained from the nail polish section and bypassed to the fake tan.

I haven’t been a fake tan person for a while now, orange bed sheets and constantly ruining my white bras forced me in favour of sun beds. Now this may sound sad, but I wasn’t even that bothered about having a tan, until I met my boyfriend – he uses sun beds all the bloody time and I just could not see him browner than me for a second longer. Due to my abundance of unnecessary hauls during the start of the year, I just can’t afford sun beds at the moment so was in the market for a good long lasting fake tan.

I hadn’t actually heard a lot about Sienna X, only a mention in a video from Sprinkle of Glitter a while back.  On Feel Unique, the mousse retails for £24.95 and the lotion £23.95 so I was getting a pretty good discount on both products. I actually only bought the mousse the first time round, got it home and applied it that night. I use a mitt rather than latex gloves as it gives a much more even finish. The one thing that I have always hated about fake tans is that you usually can’t use a body fake tan on your face, (I learnt the hard way with St Moritz and looked like an oompa loompa for days) however this one you can. After applying it all over my body, I used the remainder of tan on the mitt to just pat all over my face. The mousse has a guide colour so you can see where you’ve applied it, but it fully develops over 2-4 hours. The next day, it was safe to say I was significantly browner than the night before, and to my boyfriend’s dislike I was also browner than him. What I was most impressed about was how my face tan turned out, it was so natural, but gave me good colour to match my body (and didn't break me out!). It was about a week after first applying that I felt I needed to exfoliate and reapply which I was pretty impressed at. 

My love for the mousse caused me to go back to Ultimate Hair & Beauty and purchase the lotion too which I am yet to try, but I'm sure I will be equally impressed about. Before trying Sienna X I was on the verge of buying the Xen Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe at a whopping £40 from boots, now I definitely will not be bothering. I'm 90% sure there are only Ultimate Hair & Beauty stores in Essex (there's ones in Southend, Leigh, Basildon and Chelmsford) so if you do reside in the area you should definitely take a visit to one.

What is your favourite fake tan? Have you tried Sienna X?

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