Monday, 3 February 2014

The Sunday Round Up #2

I've had another unusually non-boring week this week. Sorry I didn't post this on Sunday, but I actually went out and wanted to include what I did in this post...

On Monday I spent the entire day taking blog photos and writing posts which is surprisingly productive for me. I find it easier to keep up with my blogging if I produce a weeks worth of posts rather than write them as I go. Plus the weather in England is awful at the moment, and when I get good lighting for my photographs, I take full advantage.

On Tuesday I went to Bluewater and spent all my Christmas money that I had been saving up. I really enjoy going shopping on my own. I bought some amazing beauty products from Mac, Origins, Laura Mercier, Kiehls and Bobbi Brown. I also bought a few jumpers in Topshop, one of which I have since taken back. It really irritates me how Topshop announced that they were not buying any more Angora after the horrific truths about the rabbit fur trade came to light, and yet they are still selling Angora products in their stores. 

On Wednesday me and my friends Aimee, Katie and Sophie went to Pizza Express and to the cinema to see That Awkward Moment. It was really nice because I never get to see these girls unless it's during a grueling Body Attack session at the gym. I've also decided that Pizza Express is my new favourite restaurant, I got the Pomodoro Pesto which was so so tasty. 

On Saturday it was my little cousin Milly's 8th birthday. She went bowling for her party with some friends and it was just lovely to see her having a good time. It made me laugh as well seeing some of the things she did with her friends, that I also did with my friends at that age. I miss being little and having birthday parties with cake and chicken nuggets and chips. Not really acceptable for my 21st though.

On Sunday it was my first day back at work since I've been ill. The day started on an embarrassing note when I had to go to work in trousers that were miles too big for me because of my weight loss. They barely stayed up so they let me go and chose a pair from the clothing department. After work, my day cheered up and I went to Nandos and to see the film Last Vegas. I've wanted to see it for so long, and it really did live up to my expectations. It was so funny and I just love Morgan Freeman in everything I see. I would definitely recommend it and now I'm dying to go on holiday to Vegas.